Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
617 Sand Creek Road, Albany NY 12205
From Fr. Alexis Duncan
Dear Brothers and Sisters.
Our summer has come to a close and likewise our summer schedule and outdoor services. Outdoor services have proven to be very wonderful, but the cold weather has arrived. This Sunday liturgy, which will be our last outdoor service, begins at 8:30AM. It promises to be rather cold, so if you are able to attend please dress warmly!
On Sunday the 1st of November, the feast of St. John of Kronstadt, we will begin indoor services.(End of Daylight Savings) In order to accommodate the needs of the parish and adhere to the government regulations we will have two liturgies each Sunday. The early liturgy will be served at 8:00 AM and the later at 9:30. Of course we can adjust these times once we see what will work best. Sunday school will begin according to their schedule tentatively set for every other Sunday at 9:00 with the children attending the later liturgy after classes. Vigil will continue every Saturday at 5: 00 pm.
During this time we are required to be very strict about our numbers and distancing. We are limited to the number of faithful each liturgy and each person MUST reserve their attendance with Fr. Protodeacon Michael Soloviev. Currently there is a sign up sheet with dates and times preferred available during the outdoor services. You may also call 518-765-2871 and leave a message, he will return your call to schedule your attendance.
All in attendance must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. In addition all will be required to “sign in” for contact tracing purposes. The starosta will be required to ensure adherence. If you feel that you are not well or have been exposed to others who may be sick, please discuss this with the starosta in advance. These precautions may be inconvenient; however we need to follow the government regulations to prevent penalties or closure of our parish.
We ask that there be no confessions on Sunday, except for those who are seriously ill, very elderly or have other considerations. All confessions must be on Saturday evening. There will be no time on Sundays due to serving two liturgies. After the early liturgy we will have coffee and a snack in the hall and after the later liturgy there will be a simple trapeza.
Of course all this is an experiment and we have no experience in such arrangements. If we are all patient and persevere, we will have great success. Please keep the parish and all the clergy in your daily prayers that we make wise decisions and faithfully attempt to serve the parish. May God reward your faith and love!
Fr. Alexis