Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
617 Sand Creek Road, Albany NY 12205
We have created a number of resources you may choose to read, view or participate in. Take the opportunity to learn about the devotion, significance and beauty of services we may have taken for granted. Using the information offered, let us enter into the Paschal period thoughtfully and prayerfully. If you have questions, spiritual needs or simply need support, reach out to our clergy and church family. May all of us continue our struggles and challenges in these last days of the Great Lent. Together we will participate in the joy of Christ's Resurrection. Nativity of the Mother of God church is closed for public services in accordance with the Governor's executive order regarding gatherings. We have a small group of clergy and choir who are carrying on the Divine Services. Your commemoration names continue to be read and anyone wishing to have a candle or special prayers offered are asked to contact the clergy.
Fr. Alexis Duncan- 518-925-9165 or Fr. Michael Fritz 518-753-7550
You may not be able to attend the building of our church but
prayers are being offered for all.
Confession list used by Fr. Michael Fritz during Great Lent - Take the time to examine your own soul at this time when many of us have not had the opportunity to receive confession. This does not count as confession but it is an opportunity to ask God for help and guidance.
Participation in services
On Saturday night following Matins for Palm Sunday, the blessed palms will be offered on a table outside by the front door. We will also have candles for self sale and commemoration slips which may be left for the upcoming services.
Palm Sunday. The services will not be open to the parish, however blessed palms and commemorations slips will be available. You may enter the church individually to venerate the icons between 10:30 and 12:30
Holy and Great Friday. Again, we may not have parishioners in the church during the services, however we will leave the church open and available for veneration of the Plashchanitsa between 7-11PM
Pascha We are only able to have clergy in the church, however you may choose to come to the parking lot, STAY IN YOUR CAR and we will have the doors open and an icon outside. It is with hope that we will have our own livestream available however, you may choose to watch any of the parishes that are currently offering this service. At approximately 2:15AM, the priests will bring chalices from the church to the church porch and distribute Communion to those who wish to receive, maintaining a distance from each other. If you have recently been to confession, perhaps in the last few weeks, and have no previous sins, you may receive Communion. Otherwise, you MUST make arrangements for confession with us as soon as possible. Paschal baskets will be blessed outdoors on tables provided.
As difficult as this may be for some families, it may be an opportunity for children to see and appreciate the church services they are missing as well as appreciate the struggles needed to go through when these are taken away. You may choose to include your children in any of the opportunities above.
On-line services
As we continue to fast in our bodies, abstaining from the Holy services and from assembling as a church, let us use this time of abstinence to grow closer to Christ through fervent prayer and to let it sharpen our appreciation for Holy Communion. May we never again take for granted the Sunday Liturgy.
When we gather as a family or an individual and pray or participate in the services online, we should act as though we were in church; praying, crossing ourselves, bowing, and standing to listen to the prayers. This helps us to focus on the solemnity of the services. Our prayers and the prayers of the clergy and monks are all being heard.
You may choose to participate in the services through some of the streaming sites on the internet where church services are available.
We are currently trying to set up livestream services from our own Nativity of the Mother of God Church. We will be sending out -a link once we have more information. If you -have any questions please contact.
M. Cecelia by email or phone 518-577-5432