Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
617 Sand Creek Road, Albany NY 12205
Indoor Sunday Divine Services 8AM and 9:30AM

As the laws and regulations regarding COVID 19 are rapidly changing,  it becomes even more necessary to plan in advance to keep our number of attendees within ratio.  Please do not change from a service time you have already let the startosa know you will be attending.

We have begun to offer indoor services. Every week there will be two different times for services. Some of you may have indicated your preferred time on the paper sign up, however we are still asking you to complete the form online if you plan to attend a particular service. Sign ups will be available for the upcoming 4 weeks at a time. If you will be unable to attend a specific service please do not sign up (you may remove your name if you are unable to attend for unforeseen reasons) By indicating actual planned attendance as opposed to selecting a preferable time, we will be able to accommodate additional parishioners who may not be able to attend on a regular schedule. It is our hope that we never "turn away" someone wishing to attend, however we do need to follow legal gathering restrictions. Please note, the sign up is for each week's Sunday service. In accordance with COVID guidelines, all attendees must wear a face mask.


Saturday Vigil at 5pm


Church Sisterhood

What is the Church Sisterhood?
This Sunday, Dec. 6th the Sisterhood of our church will be having an informative meeting following the Liturgy in our church hall.
It will be quick and informal.

The Sisterhood provides active assistance to the life of the church, clergy and parish. Participation in the Sisterhood is an invaluable service to the church, to each other and the entire community. It is through works provided by the Sisterhood that we can physically practice our faith through our acts of charity.

What are the goals of the Sisterhood and why do we need one?
-To maintain the cleanliness and beautification of the Church buildings and grounds, through cleaning, preparation of church flowers, care of gardens and more.
-To procure and care for vestments and other liturgical items for the church and clergy through raising funds for purchase, cleaning and mending
-To support and organize religious classes, activities and programming for our youth
-To support the church through church functions, dinners and public events
-To aid and comfort the members of our community and the public community in times of need
-To build a church community through participation in coffee hours and other church social events

Would you like to be involved in the Sisterhood and deepen your relationship with the church and each other as one parish family? Are you interested in helping our church and each other as we become better acquainted and make new friends?

Come learn and participate, if you are able to assist that is wonderful, if you are able to share your knowledge with others that is great, if you are looking for a way to become closer to our church community and each other but perhaps feel you have little to offer, we need you too! If you are young or you are old or even older, we need you!
If you are unable to attend the meeting and would still like to be involved or learn more, please reach out to Rae Lynn Gonyea, the Sisterhood President.

Entrance of the Theotokos to the Temple, Dec 4

Today we commemorate the day that the Holy Virgin Mary as a three-year-old child was brought to the Temple to the Holy of Holies, to be reared far away from the noise and distractions of the world. There in the House of God she was nourished by the sacred presence of God in His Holy Sanctuary.
When the Holy Virgin enters the Holy of Holies, it is the beginning of a new covenant between God and man, the end of the many centuries of man’s alienation from God, and the end of our bondage to sin. We too, like the Theotokos, can grow spiritually in Her church and under Her watchful eye we are nourished with spiritual food and protected from the distractions of our world.
She dwelt in the Holy of Holies in the presence of God. She grew up in His presence and remained in His presence for the rest of her life even after leaving the Temple. In celebrating this feast, we too are called to dwell always in His presence. How sad it is that we who are called to dwell in His presence in His Holy Temple, so often choose to ignore God. We stand in church in His presence, in this Holy of Holies just like Mary did, but we choose to daydream and imagine that we are somewhere else. During the sacred and Divine Liturgy, when heaven and earth meet, when Christ Himself comes down upon our altar to dwell within us, we choose to look away. We so often freely choose the trivial over the sublime.
When we look at the holy face of the Mother of God in the icons, we see a woman, a human being just like us, but one who is filled with peace, because she chose not to look away but to keep her gaze always fixed on Him. No matter what happened in her life, she did not look away from Him. This is the source of her deep inner peace that is undisturbed by the turmoil of this world.

On this holy and miraculous day, may we have the faith to enter with her into the presence of God and remain there forever.

Sermon from Holy Cross Monastery (WV)